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Air quality is important. We hear a lot about air pollution from cars and factories, but the air quality in your home or business is equally essential. Quick's HVAC, Inc. is here to make sure that the air you breathe is uncontaminated and your ventilation systems are clean.

Air ducts are the pathways the heating and cooling systems of your residence or establishment follow to evenly distribute your HVAC system throughout the premises. However, if the ducts have not been cleaned at regular intervals this means that the system may be spreading more than just climate controlled air. There are filters on every HVAC system but sometimes just changing the filter is only a quick fix for a bigger problem. Dust, dander, pollen, and chemicals circulate through the system causing allergic reactions, poor air quality, and other issues. Depending on the moisture level, the ducts can also contain mold spores which can lead to your family or employees becoming sick.

HVAC is the respiratory system of your home or business and has direct effect on your breathing so it is important to have your system checked periodically to ensure cleanliness and maximum efficiency. We offer air purification services and duct sealing. Making sure that your HVAC system is properly sealed is not only important for your health but for your bank account too. Cracks in ventilation undercut the efficiency of your system. To make sure that you are not paying more on your utility bill than you should, give Quick's HVAC, Inc. a call.

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