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HVAC Services

We offer a wide selection of services and take pride in ensuring the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or commercial business.

Air Conditioning

If you are considering a replacement of your air conditioning system for your home or business in Wake Forest, Quick's HVAC, Inc. offers a variety of options along with expert recommendations that increase comfort and savings.

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Choosing the right furnace for your home or business in the Wake Forest region is an important investment. Select from a wide range of Quick's HVAC, Inc.’s standard economy models, up to the highest efficiency units available today with a free consultation with our furnace experts.

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When the professionals at Quick's HVAC, Inc. install a new boiler, you can count on energy efficiency, quiet performance and ease of control.

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Heat Pumps

Cut your energy bills significantly by learning more about our sales, installations, and repair services for geothermal, ground source, water source, and ductless mini-split heat pumps that fulfill both residential and commercial requirements.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Air quality is important. We hear a lot about air pollution from cars and factories, but the air quality in your home or business is equally essential. Quick's HVAC, Inc. is here to make sure that the air you breathe is uncontaminated and your ventilation systems are clean.

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Commercial HVAC

It is important to keep your commercial HVAC systems maintained. These systems are larger and need more attention than residential systems. Ventilation ducts collect a lot of allergens, dust, and debris over time.

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HVAC Contractor

With unmatched expertise and the industry’s most excellent equipment, Quick's HVAC, Inc. offers a full-suite of quality-assured HVAC services for competitive rates. From our in-depth consultations to the final stages of the installation, we guarantee a wonderful customer experience.

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Residential HVAC

When you trust Quick’s HVAC, Inc., for your heating needs, you can be confident you’re receiving profession residential HVAC.

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